WATCH: Kamini Pather launches her first e-cookbook, ‘Eat Glocal’

Kamini Pather launches her first e-cookbook, ‘Eat Glocal’. Picture: Supplied

Kamini Pather launches her first e-cookbook, ‘Eat Glocal’. Picture: Supplied

Published Jan 28, 2021


“MasterChef SA” winner, food writer, and television host, Kamini Pather, has released her first e-cookbook titled “Eat Glocal”.

Earlier this month, Pather took to Instagram to announce the news saying if “you are what you eat” then this ebook encapsulates her everything.

She said “Eat Glocal” is a concise collection of South African Indian home-cooking-recipes that she developed over lockdown.

“Each recipe was developed for small-batch cooking with ingredients that you can find at most grocery stores.

“Say goodbye to biriyani for 100 pax, double carbs, and a version of Indian food that you can’t enjoy on daily,” wrote Pather.

In her blog called Like Harmony, she said after winning MasterChef South Africa and travelling the globe shooting the Netflix broadcast food-travel TV Show, Girl Eat World, she went back home to Durban, and cooked up a storm during the Covid-19 pandemic.

“I utilise heritage dishes like biryani and kheer that I grew up with and overlay some of the global food ideas from other parts of the world to give you modern South African Indian food.

“Expect dishes like Milanese risotto spiked with garam masala, gruberg cheese, and prawns.

“As well as panko-crumbed patha wraps with cashew nut hummus or sunflower seed and white chocolate blondies with cardmaon that taste like baked soji squares.

“This concise collection of recipes was designed to feed two people with fewer carbs and less sugar - the way to eat Indian-inspired food every day.

“I hope you enjoy reading my story and trying out the recipes as much as I enjoyed designing, cooking, shooting, and eating them.”

“Eat Glocal” is available on Pather’s website.

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