WATCH: Woman has allergic reaction after eating mice in sealand boil

A woman ate mice and now she’s reacting to it. Picture: Pexels Pixabay

A woman ate mice and now she’s reacting to it. Picture: Pexels Pixabay

Published Jan 19, 2024


Every time I go onto TikTok, I find myself saying: “People do the weirdest things!”

This viral video will have you thinking the same things and probably gross you out as well.

TikTokker @queensize87 took to the video app to share how her body reacted after she ate mice.

Yes, that’s right. Mice.

She made a dish called sealand boil and used mice in it.

She captioned the video “I ate mice and got a reaction.”

“I made the sealand boil and my freaking neck broke the freak out,” said the woman as she showed viewers the redness on her neck.

She continued to tell her followers that she’s not sure if she will go to the hospital because it could be rabies, even though she cooked the mice.

“I wouldn’t advise anybody else to eat mice because I’m in pain,” she warned others.

She added that she didn’t record the process of skinning and cooking the mice because she knows people are sensitive.

“I ate that mouse and the mouse broke me the freak out.

“It didn’t taste bad it was good but I wouldn’t suggest anybody else to do this,” she added.

She concluded the video by saying: “That’s what you get for always trying stuff.”

@queensize87 I made a sealand boil with mice and had a reaction! #food #mice #foodadventure #contentcreater ♬ original sound - Tyra

The video was viewed over 4 million times since it was posted three days ago and thousands of people have commented on it.

“Where did it come from tho? Did she catch it around the house? That might be why she broke out. Because I never knew any market to sell mice in the US,” questioned one TikToker.

“I know groceries are expensive right now but damn,” commented another.

“I thought it was supposed to say rice and was just a typo! You actually ate MICE??” another reacted.

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