Woolies ‘lazy to cook’ amadombolos and amagwinyas leave Mzansi divided

Woolies amadombolos and amagwinyas. Picture: Twitter/@Queen_Finxa

Woolies amadombolos and amagwinyas. Picture: Twitter/@Queen_Finxa

Published Sep 6, 2023


Woolworths is known for giving the people what they want.

And this time they’ve made the people very happy. Well, most of them anyway.

Woolies recently introduced amadombolos and amagwinyas to their baked goods range.

As soon as the products were released, people didn’t waste any time taking to social media to spread the word.

On X (formerly known as Twitter) user @Queen_Finxa simply posted two images of the baked goods with the caption: “Happy Heritage Month.”

One follower responded: One thing about @WOOLWORTHS_SA they're for the people. You request, they listen and deliver.”

“Oh my goodness I’m so happy I could cry 😢, me and flour are not friends. Thank you @WOOLWORTHS_SA” commented another.

However, when another X user posted about the new products, people were more concerned about the price.

@pmcafrica posted a short video clip with the caption: “Woolies amagwinya 😋 R24,99 for 4.”

“Haaa, I thought amagwinya ayi 4 cost 4 rand. Non negotiable. First it was nik naks now it’s this,” was one person’s response.

“R12 for 4 in the streets. Those are the best in my view. But I guess the target is middle class who don't want buy from the streets,” commented a second person.

“4 when I can get 10 if the lady is expensive or 25 if she’s a real one for that very same price????” responded a third.

TikTok user Bongumusa Henry Zung posted a short video showing a pack of the amagwinyas, and most viewers commented on the price as well as the fact that they will always support locals instead.

@user25672820 @Woolworths shipping @MaGums Zungu ♬ original sound - Bongumusa Henry Zung

“It will never taste like the ones in the township first R3” responded one viewer.

Another commented: “I buy magwinyas from a lady who has been selling them for over 15 years now. I will not settle for anything less.”

“Ai we will continue buying from oMam so they can feed their families,” said another TikToker.