Homemade dressing. Picture: Supplied
Homemade dressing. Picture: Supplied

3 food swaps for when you run out of ingredients

By Lutho Pasiya Time of article published Apr 2, 2020

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With the country on lockdown, it is difficult to access most things. Therefore, if you run out of an ingredient you need for a recipe or don’t have it in the house, to begin with, you can try one of these swaps. 

This will also save you time from trekking to a grocery store. 

According to food blogger, Lindsey Dietz, below are the ingredients swaps she suggests you try. 

Raw honey. Picture: Supplied

Swap agave nectar with raw honey or maple syrup

Most people assume agave nectar is a healthy food; it’s not. It has almost the same chemical structure as high fructose corn syrup. If you must have a liquid sweetener, raw honey or real maple syrup are your best bets.

Commercial soy sauce with fermented soy sauce. Almost all commercial soy sauce is not made with only soy; it’s also made with wheat and a whole host of other nasty ingredients, including MSG. Naturally fermented soy sauce, such as wheat-free tamari, is just soy and salt. 

Dried beans. Picture: Supplied

Swap canned beans with dried beans

Dried beans are so easy to cook - no need to feel scared. Give your dried beans a good, long soak in water with apple cider vinegar before you cook them to make them super easy to digest. 

Homemade dressing. Picture: Supplied

Swap store-bought dressing with homemade dressing

Store-bought dressings (even “organic” ones) are almost always made with rancid and or GMO vegetable oils and contain preservatives and hidden ingredients like MSG and sugar.

It’s super easy to make your own with ingredients you have complete control over. 

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