Topped with everything from sprinkles to frosting to candies, cupcakes are delightful. Picture: Pexels/Kristina Paukshtite
Topped with everything from sprinkles to frosting to candies, cupcakes are delightful. Picture: Pexels/Kristina Paukshtite

3 tips on how to eat a cupcake properly this Cupcake Day

By Lutho Pasiya Time of article published Jun 14, 2021

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There’s nothing like cake to bring people together. This Cupcake Day spend some time with those you care about and raise vital funds to support people affected by dementia.

This year Cupcake Day is on June 17, but you can host your day whenever it suits you best. This day is celebrated each year to raise money to help the fight against dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

Whether you like to bake or simply show your support by purchasing cupcakes to munch, this is a great way to help people in your local community.

Topped with everything from sprinkles to frosting to candies, cupcakes are delightful. They’re the perfect size for a one-person dessert - you never feel like you’ve eaten too much. They’re also not just for kids anymore; they can be dressed up to be served at the fanciest wedding or dressed down for casual get-togethers.

Cupcakes are portable and easy to serve to a crowd. Everyone gets an equal share, so nobody feels they didn’t get enough. There’s no reason why someone would want to turn one down.

That said, there is no debate about the deliciousness of a cupcake, but there is some debate about how you should eat them. Biting into them from the side is fine, but it can lead to a messy facial. But by trying a few different methods, you can enjoy your treat and keep your dignity intact. How do you do that? We went to find the answers and got them from wikiHow, which detailed the following tricks:

Traditional eating style

  • Unwrap the cupcake. Set it on a plate and peel the wrapper off slowly, trying to keep the cake itself upright. Leave the wrapper on the bottom of the cupcake to catch any crumbs as you eat.
  • Hold the cupcake between your thumb and forefinger. This will give you the best grip as you chow down. Make sure you don’t squeeze too hard and squish the cake, though.
  • Take small bites out of the sides of the cupcake. Lift the cupcake to your mouth and take tiny bites, trying not to get frosting on your nose or upper lip. Keep going in towards the centre until your cupcake is nothing but a memory.

Sandwich eating style

  • Hold the cupcake in the palm of one hand. Rest the bottom of the cupcake in the palm of your non-dominant hand. Keep your hand steady so that the cupcake does not topple over.
  • Use your other hand to tear the cupcake in half. Grip the centre of the cupcake from the bottom using your dominant hand. Dig into the cupcake with your fingernails, twisting it gently simultaneously. Continue until the bottom breaks free from the top.
  • Smash the frosting onto the bottom of the cupcake. Take the top of the cupcake (the part with the frosting on it) and squish it down onto the bottom part of the cupcake (the one without frosting). Press well to secure the two halves together like a sandwich.
  • Eat the cupcake like a sandwich. With the frosting secured between the cupcake halves, you can now hold the cupcake with one hand and take small bites. The frosting should (hopefully) stay contained within the cupcake halves, so you don’t have to deal with a messy lip or nose.

Eating with a fork or a cake spoon

  • Put your cupcake on a plate. This method will work only if you have a flat surface, so hunt around for a paper plate, a saucer or a counter-top before you eat. Set your cupcake down, so it won’t roll away as you eat it.
  • Dig into the centre with a fork or a cake spoon. Slice your utensil straight down into the cupcake from above, aiming to get both frosting and cake on your fork or spoon. Slide your utensil out of the cupcake at an angle to grab the tasty bite.
  • Take small, dainty bites. Enjoy your cupcake without the threat of a frosting face looming over you. Keep a napkin nearby to wipe your lips as you go, and remain calm, cool and collected.

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