From a legend of the food world, to a business icon, we have some interesting titles to look forward to in a few weeks. Picture: Supplied
From a legend of the food world, to a business icon, we have some interesting titles to look forward to in a few weeks. Picture: Supplied

4 cookbooks we can’t wait to read

By Lifestyle Reporter Time of article published Oct 19, 2020

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It’s that time of the year where we start thinking about what we will gift our favourite people ahead of the festive season. Books, we have come to notice, are perennial favourites, especially when you get someone a book about a subject they love.

Cookbooks are always a winner. There’s always something new and interesting that cookbook authors share about their journey with food. Sometimes it’s about new hacks they have discovered over their years of cooking, while other times it’s telling their life stories through food.

But then again, cookbooks are always another excuse to get a newer and quicker way of making your favourite meal.

So ahead of these four cookbooks that are about to be released, we decided to preview them before you purchase.

From a legend of the food world, to a business icon, we have some interesting titles to look forward to in a few weeks.

40 Years of Iconic Food by Dorah Sithole

Mme Dorah Sitole is a food media icon and with her latest book, she is telling her life story through food.

It’s a celebration of her four decades in the media world and it’s sure to be filled with stories and recipes that will get us to know her even better.

40 Years of Iconic Food maps out the stages of Sitole’s fascinating life, and feature recipes to match: traditional African, township flavours, familiar favourites, Pan ­African and global gourmet.

Describing the book, the famed editor said: “I believe we are on the cusp of an African food revolution. With this book, I seek to strike a balance between paying homage to traditional cooking methods and putting my own, modern, interpretation on authentic dishes."

The book will be released on October 19. You can order it on for R280. Click here to place an order.

Braaibroodjies and Burgers by Jan Braai

I recently had a gathering with friends where we decided to do a burger bar. We made the burger patties from scratch and then braaied them.

It wasn’t as perfect as we wanted it to be and in hindsight we wish this book had been out already, as it would have made undoubtedly provided us with tips to make it a delicious as we had hoped.

Braaibroodjies and Burgers is the latest book from branding genius and braai guy, Jan Braai. Now the go-to person when it comes to all things braai, we are certain this book will give us even more tips that will make us great at cooking with fire, especially with making braaied sandwiches and burgers.

With the rising popularity of that quintessential South African braai accompaniment, the humble braaibroodjie, Jan decided that it was time to focus on what is more than a cheese and tomato toastie and highlight the extraordinary meals you can braai with bread.

The book will be released on October 16. You can order it on for R270. Click here to place an order.

My Sweet Life with Faaiza Omar

The internet has been great in giving us new voices when it comes to the very difficult to crack food world.

Faaiza Omar is such a voice.

With an impressive following, thanks to her popular website, The Stylish Baker, Omar has been sharing her recipes for a number of years. And it has now culminated with her getting a book deal.

My Sweet Life will bridge the gap between baking enthusiasts and pastry chefs, thanks to a book which will be crammed with both easy and advanced recipes. She promises that she will simplify some of the more complicated techniques and making it accessible to all.

“Bursting with beautiful bakes, from delicate Petit Fours and celebration cakes to everyday cheesecakes, brioche, ice-creams and delectable desserts, My Sweet Life is the only baker’s book you’ll ever need to satisfy a sweet tooth."

The book will be released on October 21. You can order it on for R270. Click here to place an order.

Boardroom to the Kitchen by Nomfundo Mcoyi

After conquering the tough terrain of corporate South Africa, what else is left for one to do? Why, it’s doing something even more difficult- showing off your cooking skills.

Nomfundo Mcoyi runs one of the most successful companies in SA and with a branches in the UK, she has more than proven herself capable of doing anything she sets her sights on.

In December she will be sharing with the world her other passion- cooking.

Even though she can afford to have a private chef on retainer, she prefers cooking for her family every day and will be sharing some of those recipes in her upcoming book.

She hopes the book will to inspire her readers to get back into the kitchen, thanks to her book which is filled with easy-to-intermediate recipes with a strong South African influence.

Mcoyi will also be sharing her life story and using food as the medium.

The book will be released in December, just in time for the festive season. Pre-orders can be placed here

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