Cake frosting does not have to make you nervous. Picture from Carmen Eksteen Patisseries. (Instagram)

Have you ever wanted to try cake decorating but been scared and don’t know where to begin with it?

We spoke to pastry chef, Carmen Eksteen of Carmen Eksteen Patisseries to share with us tips to making the perfect cake icing.

  • Always make sure that you are using room temperature icing this will help having a smooth finish on the cake. 
  • Making icing for a few years now and learning through experience I have learned not to over whip frosting. That will add bubbles to the frosting and cause an uneven texture.
  • When layering the cake make sure your frosting is set before starting to frost the cake. This will help to have a straight clean cut cake.
  • When doing your crumb layer - the first layer of frosting - put your cake back in the fridge to set before applying a second layer of frosting. This will help the crumbs to set and you won't end up with crumbs all over your cake but rather a clean frosted cake.
  • Utensils, utensils, utensils is the most important part when it comes to frosting a cake. The tools I can't do without is a palette knife and a cake scraper. Believe me these make your life so much easier when frosting a cake.