Making cocktails at home. Picture: Supplied
Making cocktails at home. Picture: Supplied

5 trends that will transform the food industry post lockdown

By Lutho Pasiya Time of article published Jun 17, 2020

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Due to the coronavirus outbreak, people have begun to think about how they consume food. 

Wondering what food trends to capitalize on in the coronavirus lockdown?

These include everything from trendy foods to live cooking demos, and mixing your own drinks at home. 

We spoke to chef and restaurateur, Nick Liberato who shared some of the food trends that will take over the food and beverage sector post lockdown. 

Focaccia bread. Picture: Supplied

Breads and desserts

Baking things like banana bread and focaccia have not only been interactive food activities with the family but also ways to burn some time and make use of things going bad.

Home gardens

Now that people have more time on their hands, home gardens both indoors and out are not only therapeutic but take advantage of underutilized space and cuts down on costs of what is needed from the store.

Making cocktails at home. Picture: Supplied

Mixology at home

With bars being closed for so long, people are mixing it up at home making their own syrups and using what’s in the fridge to build the perfect cocktail or at least something that works art home.

Live cooking demos

Social media is more popular and interactive than ever. When most chefs were the ones cooking online now there has been a big boom of home cooks sharing their secrets and creating platforms of their own.

Cocktails to-go

I’m not sure why most bars were not doing this before but it’s a great way for someone to take the restaurant experience home and have a proper cocktail minus the labour and long waits. 

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