An apple a day keeps the doctor away and today we celebrate the fruit that adds a touch of health to many lunch boxes. 

Apple Day is an annual celebration of, well, apples. 

If you are going to stock up on your favourite golden delicious or Granny Smith, Tru-Cape South Africa shares tips on how to store apples. 

It's important to take care of the fruit that you buy so that you can make it last as long as possible, and to help it keep its juicy freshness vibrant for longer. 

Fruit correctly cared for will also supply your body with the most vitamins, minerals and fibres that it can. 

Think of it as a small investment: the care you give your fruit after buying it and before you eat it will ensure the fruit can give you the most it possibly can. 

  • Keep apples cool. They soften 10 times faster at room temperature than in the fridge.
  • Ideally, store apples in a plastic bag in the fridge.
  • Keep apples away from other foods, to prevent the fruit from absorbing other tastes and odours.
  • Handle gently to avoid bruising.
  • Prepare apple dishes just before serving to minimise discolouration. 
  • To delay browning of cut fruit, sprinkle with lemon juice – or dip in lemon juice mixed with water.