Bitters have been found to intensify the flavour of the other ingredients

If you love making cocktails, you know that a good bottle of bitters is one of the essentials to have in hand. 

Using bitters in beverages results in a bitter, sour, or bittersweet flavour. They are used to add flavour to many favourite cocktails, and they come in a variety of flavours.

As much as these are an essential ingredient for cocktails recipes, top brands like Angostura are now coming up with ways that its bitters products can be a key ingredient in the kitchen when preparing family meals or dinner party menus. These can be anything from homemade baked goods to burgers. It’s now an ingredient that no home kitchen should be without.

Angostura Pork Sliders. Picture: Supplied

Angostura bitters has been found to intensify the flavour of the other ingredients and, for those who are sensitive, can even counteract the acidic component of meals.

Below are some of House of Angostura’s menu pairings where cooking with bitters has been applied.

Quick and easy at home:

Starter: Deviled eggs

Main: Mac & Cheese bites

Dessert: Angostura deep chocolate sauce

Angostura Honey Glaze Ham. Picture: Supplied

For family occasions

Starter: Crostini with cheese & orange bitters honey

Main: Bitter honey ham glaze and Roasted vegetables with Angostura mayonnaise drizzle.

Dessert: Better biscuits with bitters and Apple crisp with bitters

Entertaining at home

Starter: Lemon garlic prawns and Zesty Angostura cocktail sauce

Main : Pulled pork sliders with Angostura bitters

Dessert: Bittered crème caramel