The artwork at Blanko is also worth checking out. Pic suppled

Nestled in Alphen, Constantia is the revamped Blanko restaurant which is a great place to have a drink and a meal that won’t disappoint. Gone is the fine dining menu and in it’s place is a bistro style offering which not only suits the setting but also makes you feel a lot more relaxed and at ease with the setting.

Blanko is right next to the Alphen Boutique Hotel so the atmosphere is relaxed but still with a real sense of style and sophistication.

The Italian flavours and twists to the dishes are prominent but not overwhelming.

A pasta at Blanko is a sure winner. Pic supplied

You should definitely order:

The local Italian Charcuterie and Italian style cheeses on the Stuzzichini menu.

The grilled lamb cutlets which are served with anchovy butter and crushed new baby potatoes. It’s a hearty meal.

The steak is also a great meat option and it’s drenched in shiraz butter and black olive sea salt which is a simple but tasty way to do a steak.

If you’re there with a group of friends or family then order a pizza. Try the Bianco-Verde which has parmesan cheese, buffalo mozzarello, olive oil, green oil and fennel.

For dessert, dive into the tiramisu. It’s a classic and not too sweet an end to your meal.

A sirloin steak with shiraz butter & black olive sea salt.

Overall Blanko is an inviting space with a great menu that is perfect for any occasion. You could cosy up in a corner for a first date, or settle down with a group of friends or colleagues and eat and drink till late into the night.