Create the most delicious brunch with these Easter-themed foods. Picture: Instagram
Create the most delicious brunch with these Easter-themed foods. Picture: Instagram

Dress up your Easter brunch table with these delicious treats

By Sacha van Niekerk Time of article published Mar 29, 2021

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Create the most delicious brunch with these Easter-themed foods.

From fruity, chocolate dessert cups to hot cross buns served with flair, these Easter-themed treats will have your brunch table looking picture perfect.

6 Easter brunch ideas:

Hollow egg dessert cups

Fill hollow chocolate eggs with layers of delicious treats for the perfect Easter dessert. Try filling the chocolate bowls with big scoops of ice cream, crushed biscuits and sliced grilled bananas topped with whipped cream and candied nuts, for a twist on a banana split; or perhaps warm malva pudding and custard, for a melting blend of flavours.

Harvest Board

Harvest boards make for easy grazing while the mains lunch foods get prepared. They combine the perfect mix of sweet and savoury to compliment any special occasion and this Easter board is no exception. Carrot sticks, celery, asparagus, crackers, broccoli florets and a delicious bowl of creamy dip come together to form the face of a bunny. You can get creative with your own cheese board additions, from Camembert rounds to dried fruit and honey comb.

Devilled eggs

Devilled eggs are a fun party treat, but this Easter version is too adorable not to include on the list. Traditionally, this hors d'oeuvre consists of a hard-boiled egg sliced opened with the yolk removed from each half. The yolks are then added to a bowl and whisked with mayonnaise, mustard, paprika and salt and pepper. The yellow mixture is piped back into the hollow of each egg. For this version, a small portion of the top of the peeled egg is removed, then the yolk is extracted using a spoon. The rest of the steps for preparing the yolk filling remain the same, and then the yellow mixture is piped into the larger portion of the egg and the piece that was sliced off is placed on top. Use peppercorns for the eyes and and a mini triangular slice of cheese for the beak, and more cheese for feet. The final product should look like a baby chick hatching from its shell.


Use two elongated flapjacks for the bunny ears, two circular flapjacks for the head and body and two more a quarter of the size for the feet. Put them all together, add a fluffy dollop of whipped cream, and you have the most adorable Easter bunny for brunch. Dress it up with chocolate spread, berries, banana slices and syrups. These can also be used to add the bunny’s features and make it look more realistic.

Hot cross bun croquembouche

PICTURE: thekatetin/instagram

Chocolate-studded hot cross buns are the perfect sweet treat for any Easter brunch table. Whether you enjoy them with a thick slice of sharp cheddar, toasted and slathered with butter or with raspberry jam and cream, serve your buns in a pile on a cake stand for a dramatic centrepiece. Decorate the tower with wispy stands of spun sugar and foil-wrapped chocolate eggs.

Dipped strawberries

Chocolate-dipped strawberries are a decadent dessert – once the luxurious chocolate hardens, they look simply irresistible. These strawberries were dipped into white baking chocolate with a few drops of orange food colouring for their carrot-like appearance. Drizzles of the chocolate create the rippled texture of carrots, and the leafy berry tops are the perfect finishing touch. Place them in an empty (and sterile) egg carton for display; use crushed Oreos for the potting soil effect.

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