Barman Michael Mudzenda makes Klipdrift Gold Serenity Cocktail - pic by Johann Botha
With a rich history dating back more than 300 years, it stands to reason that brandy has been used in many a vintage cocktail.

But thanks to Kurt Schlechter, innovative mixologist and owner of brandy-centric experiential cocktail kitchen, Cause Effect in Cape Town, the spirit is firmly back in the spotlight.

Grab one of South Africa’s finest potstill brandies, Klipdrift Gold, and get inspired. Many people prefer to drink their brandy neat, but one you start experimenting with the spirit in various cocktails you'll be inspired to do so much more with it.

It's autumn so use this iconic local spirit and mix a brandy cocktail it's the ideal drink for that warm and fuzzy feeling as it becomes a bit chillier outside

Klipdrift Gold Serenity

Glass: Tall


50mls Orange juice

25mls vermouth Bianco

10mls Lemon juice

15mls Triple Sec Orange liqueur

25mls Klipdrift Gold

2 dashes Fynbos Bitters

Method — Shake ingredients and strain