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Tuesday, May 17, 2022

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Coca Cola is changing its Coke Zero recipe and fans are ‘really worried’

Published Jul 23, 2021


In much the same way plant-based meat companies are tweaking their offerings to make them taste more like the real thing, beverage giant Coca-Cola is doing the same thing with its no-sugar cola.

The company has announced they will be changing the recipe of their beloved product Coca-Cola Zero Sugar aka Coke Zero and fans are less than impressed by the brand changing its flavour – again.

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In a Twitter post, Coca-Cola announced that it would be changing the drink so that it would “deliver an even more iconic Coke taste.”

“Announcing the new and improved Coca-Cola® Zero Sugar with an updated look and an even more delicious and refreshing taste. Learn more about how we’re continuing to meet the expectations of our consumers,” they wrote.

Without even tasting it, consumers are already sounding off online. Full of nervousness about the change, some vowed to switch teams and buy from the brand’s rivals, such as Pepsi.

"Nooooo. It’s great as is," wrote one Coke Zero fan after hearing the news.

Another concerned user said, "Coke Zero Sugar was good & it’s pretty much the only soda I drink now. I have not tried the updated version & I’m really worried about it because it didn’t need to change. I really hope you didn’t ruin it and I will try it. Here’s hoping!"

“If you ruin Coke Zero, I will haunt you,” a third user tweeted.

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Coca-Cola Zero Sugar was first introduced in 2005 and was reformulated in 2017 to taste more like regular Coca-Cola.

According to the company website, the new recipe – which optimizes existing Coca‑Cola Zero Sugar flavours and existing ingredients – has started hitting shelves in the US, with full nationwide distribution in the US and Canada starting in August with full distribution in September. They added that all listed ingredients and nutritional information remain the same.

Will it be launching in South Africa any time soon? In response, Coca-Cola South Africa said they are not in a position to comment further on this announcement at this stage.

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