Cape Town 190612 Luke Dale Roberst the owner of The Pot Luck Club stands with the resturands signiture cocktail drink the , Earl Grey and Coco Beans Ice Tea, picture : neil baynes Reporter : Wendyl

Bar: The Pot Luck Club

Address: Unit 104A, The Old Biscuit Mill, 375 Albert Road, Woodstock, Cape Town

021 447 0804

Cocktail: Earl Grey and Cocoa Bean Iced Tea

Twitter: @TestKitchenCT

Price: R50

Ingredients: Earl Grey tea infused vodka, cointreau liqueur, Frangelico, fresh lime juice, ground cocoa beans and brown sugar

The Pot Luck Club has a range of cocktails made with a creative mix of ingredients. Designed by chef owner Luke Dale-Roberts, the Earl Grey and Cocoa Bean Iced Tea is an example of this creativity with its crushed cocoa beans and infused vodka.

To prepare the vodka, head barman Xolisa Dyabaza adds two teaspoons of Earl Grey and the mixture is boiled. Two shots of this mix is placed in a shaker with the other ingredients and shaken with ice before being fine strained into a tall glass. He then garnishes with lemon and cocoa beans.

The drink is chocolatey but not overly sweet. The combination of vodka and liqueurs makes for a potent drink and, being tall, offers good value. Bits of cocoa beans are suspended in the drink.

Dale-Roberts says the theme of the Pot Luck Club is casual and laid back, offering a food journey through 27 dishes on the menu, including Asian, French and Mexican tapas. It has an open-view kitchen and bar for diners to watch orders being made.

Located at the Old Biscuit Mill, it has been open since December, next to Dale-Roberts’ other restaurant, The Test Kitchen. The cocktails are available at both venues.

The Pot Luck Club is open from Tuesdays to Saturdays from 6pm to 9.30pm and for lunch on Saturdays from noon to 2pm. – Weekend Argus