Cape Town - 130204 - Cocktail Corner: Tommy's barman, Paul Musa with an 'MC Slammer'. REPORTER: WENDYL MARTIN. PICTURE: CANDICE CHAPLIN.

Bar: Tommy’s Sports and Party Bar

Address: 179 Loop Street, Cape Town

Contact: 082 563 9450

Cocktail: MC Slammer

Price: R45

Ingredients: Vodka, Jagermeister and cranberry juice

There is something about Jagermeister – a little scary, highly tempting, energy inducing but you may feel the effects the next day.

Sports bar Tommy’s is a newbie to cocktails, having launched its little pretty drinks menu three months ago. The MC Slammer, which caught my attention last week, is built in the glass.

Friendly barman Paul Musa garnishes the drink with a cherry and an orange slice. He says the drink is also available with Red Bull. I imagine the boost to be like that of my Jager bomb experiences.

He serves the slammer cold with ice. Unlike a Jager bomb, I was able to sip this slowly, like a shooter that goes on a bit longer.

Tommy’s broadcasts Dutch, English and German football and is equipped with 11 plasma screens and five decoders. Pizzas and nachos are available and you get a decent hubbly pipe for R45.

Tommy’s is open seven days a week with a licence that runs to 4am, and they have specials all week. – Weekend Argus