Monkey Shoulder, Mamie Taylor
Fortunately, with tomorrow being International Whisky Day, we can have both!

When something is assigned as “International” it means that everyone from around the globe is invited to participate. With that in mind, we’d suggest that you celebrate this day with a  duo of ginger and whisky.

Ginger and whisky are a classic Irish combination. Ginger ale is an easy go-to when mixing a whisky cocktail as it will bring out all the right flavour notes of the whisky which is the perfect way to celebrate the annual International Whisky Day. 

Mamie Taylor  


50 ml Monkey Shoulder

80 ml Ginger Ale

1 fresh lime wedge


Add all the ingredients to a mixing glass. 

Stir gently with a bar spoon, we suggest the Monkey Shoulder iSpoon, a long teaspoon or a chopstick, until the glass or jar feels nice and cold. 

Carefully fill long glass with ice.

Garnish with lime wedge.

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