Home brewing can be a fascinating and rewarding hobby. Picture: Pexels

Making beer at home can be both a fascinating and rewarding hobby, but for me it’s always a struggle. I never get it right. 

Even today I’m still struggling to make ‘umqombothi’, which is traditional beer made from maize, maize malt, sorghum malt, yeast and water. It is a long process which many things go wrong.

So, speaking to master brewer of the Standeaven Brewery, Shaun Standeaven about home brewing mistakes most of us beginners usually make, this is what he said:

"Don’t get stuck in the box of making beers that are big high alcohol beers...Think about the beers you drank mostly before starting to brew and don’t be afraid to try create something like them, a standard alcohol easy drinking beer isn’t the worst thing in the world, especially when you arrive home to a fridge full or them. Get involved with your local home-brew club."

"Start off slow... Take it one step at a time don’t go crazy and by the biggest set up or system in the world, something as simple as a pot on the stove also does the trick.

"Not every beer will turn out perfect... Learn from your mistakes. I doubt there is any brewer out there that hasn’t had a bad batch or a bad beer before, don’t get discouraged learn form it and solider on. Trust me all your friends will love your beer because who doesn’t love free beer. Beware brewing is addictive.