When someone orders a vodka at a bar, you’d expect the premium spirit to come from Russia, the team at Reyka want to change that.

From the spirits company, William Grant & Sons, Ltd. which also produces Glenfiddich, The Balvenie, Grant’s and Hendrick’s Gin, Reyka is a vodka made from Icelandic spring water.
The Kirkjufellfoss waterfall. Pic by Robert Seitz, Getty Images

There are five key elements to this Icelandic spirit ie, the clean taste of Icelandic spring water, refined even further; the small batch Carter-Head Still; lava rock filtration, considered to be one of the most natural and effective filtration processes in the world; the geo-thermal energy (powered by steam from nearby hot springs) used during the production process to supply power without adding impurities and the clean Icelandic air.

Given its volcanic origins you’d expect a fiery taste, but it’s actually just a light spiciness.

It’s a soft and delicate texture that as you drink it becomes fuller-bodied and lightly creamy.