There can never be enough bubbles when celebrating summer and the festive season and now there is a new one to sip on from the wine-loving team of Stellenbosch Hills. 

Brand spanking new to its vibrant Polkadraai range is the maiden vintage Polkadraai Sauvignon Blanc Sparkling Brut 2017 – just perfect for your fizz-tive season fizz-tivities.
Winemaker James Ochse says: “Our Sparkling Polkadraai Sauvignon Blanc is the sparkling wine of choice this the festive season.” 

He adds:  “Unpretentious and flavoursome, it doesn’t take itself too seriously – it’s just a straight, delicious bubbly that’s great for good times. I like to think of it as the fun-bus to Happyland where the forecast is always 100% chance of bubbles.” 

The Polkadraai Sauvignon Blanc Sparkling Brut 2017 joins the popular Polkadraai Pinot Noir Sparkling Rosé in Stellenbosch Hills’ range of Polkadraai bubblies. 

The Polkadraai Sauvignon Blanc Sparkling Brut. Pic by Danie Nel Photography

The winemaker boasts that the bubbly newcomer is refreshingly drier in style, bouncing with lively fruit flavours and a bracing acidity. 

Every sip lingers with the taste of tropical fruit and hints of litchis, gooseberries and green fig. It’s best serve chilled, on its own, or with fresh oysters; a Caprese salad of fresh mozzarella, tomatoes, and sweet basil; or, an o-so-creamy Alfredo pasta that’s thick with Parmesan and butter.
Polkadraai Sauvignon Blanc Sparkling Brut 2017 is only available at the cellar or via website orders, and sells for just R60 per bottle.