A food trend nobody asked for... avolattes PICTURE: Stephen Howson (Twitter)
The internet is the gift that keeps giving. Giving us things that are really unnecessary and a tad bit 'extra'. This yera alone we have had frosé (frozen rosé wine), unicorn food, cloud eggs and now we have avocado lattés, which are referred to as 'avolattés.
I kid you not. 
It's the latest trend to hit hipster foodie scene in Australia and parts of Europe and like the coffee in a cone trend from last year, I expected it to be just as polarizing. 
Firstly, it's avocado- it's mushy and no matter how much you scoop out of the skin, there will always be traces of the avo. Now you out in steaming hot expresso and milk and you drink out of the avocado skin? Eug.

While there are many detractors (they are very vocal on Twitter), avolattes also have fans who vouch for how delicious they are. All I want to kow is, whatever happened to using good, old, reliable crockery that was made to withstand the heat? Why are some cafés and delis persisting in making sure they serve food out of everything but the utensils they are supposed to be served on? 

The #WeWantPlates movement on social media has also been pretty vocal about avolattes and why they shouldn't be a thing, with one user even suggesting that the @WeWantPlates account on Twitter starts a #WeWantMugs movement. 

While I may think it's gross, maybe you want to try it out? Well, here's an Instavideo with all the directions, below. 

*Article updated to reflect that the trend was first spotted in Australia and not the Northern Hemipshere