Frozen 'Irish Coffee' (Makes about 3 cups)

The classic Irish coffee is pumped up with whiskey and served hot to warm up cold Gaelic afternoons. At the Erin Rose bar in New Orleans's French Quarter, the drink has been adapted for the climate. While the recipe is a house secret, the bar provided a few pointers - one of which is that its version is made with brandy instead of Irish whiskey. Make and chill the coffee ahead of time. You'll need a blender; you may wish to serve the drinks with straws.


½ cup vanilla ice cream 

2 cups ice cubes 

120ml chilled coffee 

60ml brandy 

60ml coffee liqueur 

¼tsp coffee grounds, for garnish (optional) 


Combine the ice cream, ice cubes, coffee, brandy and coffee liqueur in a blender. 

Purée on high until the ice is broken down and the mixture is the consistency of a milkshake. 

Divide between two highball glasses, then sprinkle a pinch of coffee grounds, if using, over the top of each. 

Reserve any leftovers for topping off

PICTUREDeb Lindsey — For The Washington Post

Washington Post