Mensa Cab Sauv has a special label. Picture by Danie Nel photography.
Mensa Cab Sauv has a special label. Picture by Danie Nel photography.

The app that brings a wine label to life

By Nathan Adams Time of article published Aug 23, 2018

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A bottle of wine and a book are a timeless pairing, so it’s quite surprising that it’s taken so long for the two to join forces.

Overhex Wines International has launched a trio of “novel wines” and, supported by an augmented reality app, the wine label reveals a book.

There are four wines in the Mensa range, a chenin blanc pinot grigio 2018, a sauvignon blanc 2018, a chardonnay pinot noir 2018, a shiraz malbec 2017 and a cabernet sauvignon 2017.

Don’t for a minute think the innovative wine labels mean the winemakers have skipped a beat in the making of their wines. These are bold, flavourful blends that will hold their own at any dinner party or book club.

And the augmented reality label is a great talking point.

Winemaker Willie Malan said: “The label features ‘everywoman’ relaxing in the signature Mensa chair surrounded by books with a glass of wine and her trusty dog looking on. If you love a good story and believe that life is an adventure made better by good wine, Mensa wines are tailor-made for you.”

This technology is a quirky and fun feature, but its full potential is yet to come. There are hundreds of different applications in the wine industry for augmented reality and this is just the beginning.

Imagine taking a tour of the winery by just pointing your phone at a wine bottle, or being able to download a book because you were able to scan a wine label, the possibilities are endless.

Mensa Sauvignon Blanc. Picture by Danie Nel photography.

For now, the Mensa app and wine are opening the door to the future of wine labels and there’s no better way to do it that with a bottle of cab sav and a great story told through augmented reality.

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