How many times have you been told to drink more water? Or better yet how many times have you told yourself that you need to drink more water?

Let us uncover some of the most overlooked most important benefits of consuming water:

Water increases and ensures that your mental state is running at full capacity – 73% of your brain is made up of water. The consumption of water on a regular basis ensures that one can think, focus, concentrate and be alert for longer periods of time.
Not drinking enough water causes dehydration. 

Dehydration affects your brain in various ways, namely; your mood levels, your cognitive and motor skills, as well as your memory. You will also become more sensitive to pain when you lack water consumption.

Twizza water is purified in the form of reverse osmosis. Pic: Supplied

We have moved towards a healthy lifestyle trend, where people insist on living a healthier lifestyle. This can be further expanded into how many people are promoting and setting personal goals around weight loss and weight management. Water aides the removal of fat by-products, as well as ensuring that you feel fuller without consuming extra fatty and carb-loaded products.

Water flushes out toxins that will affect and bloat your body. Consuming water ensures that your body will either sweat or urinate all these bad toxins out.
Twizza water is purified in the form of reverse osmosis. In simplified terms, the water has its minerals obtained from the source taken out, and then all the essential minerals are put back in.

We get all out Twizza water from Mpumalanga, therefore helping Cape Town during the water crisis.

At Twizza we have noticed the dire need and shortage of water in many remote areas across the country, more specifically in the Western and Eastern Cape. We have identified various means of distributing and allocating water to these affected areas. It is imperative that people have access to this basic and important human right. 

As a Proudly South African brand, we strive to give back to the community.