A new documentary shows SA's wine is shockingly undervalued. Pixabay

South African wine lovers know we have world class wines, but it's time for the world to pay us our dues.

A new documentary released by DGB (Pty) Ltd, entitled The Inconvenient Truth about South African Wine; shows that SA wine prices are not on par with the great quality wines we produce.

Gone are the days of SA wines being stereotyped as cheap and cheerful, our vintages hold their own.

Just this week Wine Master Tim Atkin released his 2018 South Africa Special Report and says: “First the quality of the best of Cape wines is a match for anything produced elsewhere in the New World.  Secondly, they are under-valued. If you use the 90+ scores as a measure of quality, the South Africa has the cheapest fine wine sector in the world.” 

The Inconvenient Truth about South African Wine focuses on the pricing of South African wines, and highlights the lack of understanding by some international buyers who are not prepared to pay a fair price for our wines

Jacques Roux, Marketing Director for Wine at DGB adds: “We feel the industry needs to band together to ensure that we don’t get bullied and pushed into a corner for the sake of maintaining listings.  We as an industry are admittedly partially to blame for positioning our wines at low prices and now we have to try and dig ourselves out of this hole."

WATCH: The trailer for The Inconvenient Truth about South African Wine