This is the champagne you can drink in outer space. Picture supplied.
Space tourists now have a champagne they can pop when they get into zero gravity!

Astronauts aren't able to drink on the International Space Station, so the market for a space champagne is quite niche, until space travel takes off.

The MUMM champagne house has bottled the Grand Cordon Stellar and it's a very unique bottle.

Designer Octave de Gaulle specialises in creating everyday objects for use in space and he was tasked with designing the bottle.

De Gaulle - who is also a great-grand-nephew of the French wartime leader Charles de Gaulle - designed  a bottle divided into two chambers.

It opens in different sections and of course the bubbles are not the same in space as here on Earth when you pop the cork.

The champagne bottle is uniquely designed to open in zero gravity. Screenshot from MUMM YouTube video.
According to Agence France-Presse  (AFP) "journalists from several countries will try the champagne (this week) during a flight taking off from the French city of Reims...a specially equipped Airbus Zero-G plane will make a series of parabolic manoeuvres, climbing steeply before plunging down to create 20-second spurts of weightlessness."

How to drink champagne in space

You have to stop the champagne from spilling across your spacecraft cabin and for this reason, De Gaulle created an aluminium strip that forms a ring over the top of the bottle to capture a bubbly sphere.

"Then you rotate the bottle and the foam sphere is released," he told AFP in his Paris workshop. 

Drinkers can then scoop the wine out of the air using a tiny yet long-stemmed glass which resembles an egg cup.

Astronaut Jean-Francois Clervoy says the moment the foam turns to liquid in the mouth is a sensation that can't be matched on Earth.

"It's really magical because the champagne lands not just on your tongue but on the palate, the cheeks - the gastronomic sensations are magnified," he said.

 WATCH: MUMM has designed a bottle of champagne to open in zero gravity