Wine bottle lock Picture: Instagram (@mydoodlekitchen)

Have you ever saved some of your favourite wine to enjoy later, only to discover that someone got their hands on your stash and left you an empty bottle? 

Whether it's your partner, a housemate or your mischievous teenager, now there's a way to keep those pesky liquor thieves away from your stash. 

The wine bottle lock acts like a second bottle cap and has a combination code, much like a safe.
Once you've had enough to drink, you simply put the lock in place, roll the number dials and you can be at peace knowing that your wine is safe. 

The wine bottle lock that stops wine thieves from getting to your stash. Picture: Instagram (@nitchandneg)

The lock comes in cork and twist cap design with a four or three digit code.  

This clever device is also a great way to curb that one family member or friend who never knows when it’s time to stop drinking.
If they can’t open the bottle, they’ll have not choice but to call it a day.
It's like a child safety cap for adults.
With a price range between R149 at Yuppie Gadgets and R299 at Takealot, this little gadget is a great investment.