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You can’t say that anything goes when it comes to wine pairing because there are rules. Fat goes with acid, bitter goes with sweet and so it goes on. At the end of the day, rules must be broken if we are ever going to discover something beyond what we already know, and there are some delightful surprises out there. 

Here are four of our favourites:

Cheddar Macaroni and Cheese with Chardonnay

Your favourite comfort food just got better. Even if you don’t typically enjoy Chardonnay, you should not give up on it until you try this combo: The oak notes of the Chardonnay soften the sharpness of the cheese, and cheddar brings out Chardonnay’s fruity, tropical notes.

Sushi and Rosé

Sure, we all enjoy champagne with our sushi, but why not try a Rosé next time? Its strawberry notes bring out the subtle sweetness in sashimi and it won’t overpower the delicate nature of other sushi. For extra out-there points you could also go with a bone-dry Sherry, it’s unbelievable.

Tacos and Riesling

Tacos and beer might be traditional, but all that foam leaves little room for tasty tacos. Next time try a fruit-forward Riesling to balance out the spice. Its bright finish is a perfect way to cleanse your palette before your next magnificent mouthful.

Champagne and Slap Chips

This high/low combo must be experienced to be believed. Not only does Champagne’s crisp acidity compliment fats and salts, its bubbles scrub those same things off your taste-buds, so you get the full salty, vinegary goodness every time. Caution: do not run out of chips or Champagne, you’ll be quite sad when you do.

No matter what you try with it, the sheer variety of flavours and finishes that wine has to offer, means you will always find something uniquely delicious, if you just keep looking.
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