The fifth annual Gin and Tonic Festival, held at the Old Biscuit Mill in Cape Town on Sunday, shows why the gin revolution is still on the rise. 
I attended the festival for the first time last year and didn't like how cramped and small the space was, thankfully that was not the case this year.

The event has certainly grown and so has the space to accommodate three live stages, 30 local and international brands and the more than 2000 gin lovers who attended the festival. 

My first drink of the day was a Ginspresson by local producer, Stretton’s Gin. It’s a single gin and tonic with a dash of espresso, garnished with a slice of grapefruit. I have never had my gin with coffee before, but the flavours went well together, surprisingly.

On the other side of the room the barmen at the Ginifer and Westcliff stands served up what looked like a science project in a glass, which I had to try.

Ginifer’s Black Plague is a gin and tonic infused with black syrup (squeezed through a syringe) and garnished with liquorice and a fizzer- yes, a gin garnished with sweets and a syringe!

Westcliff’s kafoevel, is a G&T also infused with syrup and garnished with a red lollipop. 
This original concept was a big hit, as nearly every person I bumped into was sipping their drink through a syringe. 
My other favourites were Beefeater, Cruxland and Flowstone Gin. 

Live performances by acts like, Roastin Records, No Diggity, Faye and Wren and Angelo Danster kept people entertained for hours. 

Some of the food offerings were rather disappointing, especially the steak and chips burger I ordered from one of the food trucks. The food was cold and the steak was horrible. 
Thankfully there were enough G&T vendors to choose from, so I could wash my disappointing meal. 

Ginologist Gin. Picture: Instagram