Reuters, Jose Luis Gonzalez
Most often, when we come across a new invention or a revolutionary idea that will change our lives, we credit males. 

Chey Aucamp is an innovator and a revolutionary who has a bachelor's degree in corporate communication, a fashion merchandising buyer certificate and a Master of Business Administration (MBA). 

She puts her own spin on the phrase "powerhouse". Chey is one of the two directors of The Booze and Beverage Guy company, which is the forerunner in revolutionising the liquid dispensing industry throughout Africa.

Thanks to Chey, bartenders no longer have to follow strict instructions on how to pour drinks, while draught beer enthusiasts will no longer be bothered by having more foam than beer in their glasses. 

This was achieved through a unique beer dispensing system that fills glasses from the bottom. 

Chey Aucamp - pic supplied
Resolution Circle was responsible for designing and manufacturing this South African first beer dispensing machine. 

According to Adrian de Villers, Manager of the Mechanical Engineering Department at Resolution Circle, the machine is the world's fastest dispenser which uses specific glasses that have a magnet underneath. 

"The machine is much gentler on the beer, it does not generate turbulence. The result is that you can pour the beer very fast and have very little foam," said de Villers. 

When the magnet glass is placed onto the machine, the system automatically fills the desired amount of beer. 

What is important is that the machine can pour multiple servings simultaneously, which increases sales and revenues. 

The dispenser, which is hand manufactured using food grade stainless steel will be ready for market by the end of the year. 

The beer dispenser