Baking parchment isn't just for lining tins, and has a myriad of alternative uses
Baking parchment comes in handy when you're whipping up a cake or a pie, but otherwise it stays in the cupboard.
However there are some very surprising uses for your tubes of parchment that prove that the kitchen staple isn't just for lining cake tins.
From becoming a makeshift pan lid to being a fail-safe way of decorating a home-made cake, these are the alternative - and very clever - ways you can use leftover pieces of parchment.
And the hacks by Good Housekeeping Institute could mean that this simple kitchen item becomes one of your cupboard essentials, even if you're not a keen baker.

If you can't find the right lid to fit your saucepan, grab your baking parchment, say the experts at Good Housekeeping Institute. Just cut out a circle that will fit inside the lid, and snip a hole in the centre so the steam can escape.

Piping a message onto a cake can be nerve-wracking. One wrong move and the whole bake is ruined. But there's an easier way to wish your loved one well in icing form.
Simply fill a piping bag with melted chocolate and pipe your chosen message onto a sheet of baking parchment.  Put it in the freezer for 30 minutes, and you'll have solid chocolate letters or numbers to decorate your cake with. 

Leftover pizza is delicious but it can often go soggy if you reheat it in the microwave.
Try microwaving it on a sheet of baking parchment next time, as it will help keep the bottom of the slice nice and crispy.

If you've ever just bunged a whole packet of meat, fish or anything else in the freezer, then you'll know it can turn into a large frozen clump. But you can use baking parchment to stop food from sticking to each other by cutting pieces into dividers. The sheets will stop the food from sticking together. 

Everyone has been there: you start baking but realise halfway through that you're missing a crucial item. If that missing thing is cupcake cases though, you can use baking parchment instead. Just lightly grease the cupcake tin, cut pieces of parchment into five-inch squares and line the tins, pressing hard against the sides. Then, fill with mixture. 

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