Foods to avoid eating when you're on holiday. Pexels
Foods to avoid eating when you're on holiday. Pexels

Foods to avoid eating when you're on holiday

By Nathan Adams Time of article published Jul 6, 2019

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You don't need to be a seasoned traveller to know that there are some things you shouldn't be eating and drinking when you're far from home.

Most people will avoid drinking the tap water when they're out of town or in a different country.

It's these simple things that keep you from having any tummy or health issues while you're on vacation or you're travelling for business.

This is why the Food for Sensitive Tummies book by Gabi Steenkamp and Cath Day is an essential read, whether you're home or away.

The authors not only help you understand your body and any health issues you might be grappling with, but it's also a great read if you're planning a trip and want to eat with care.


Most people will over indulge a bit while on holiday, drinking more alcohol than they usually do as well.

Check the ethanol content of whatever you're drinking. Steenkamp and Day say: "ethanol is the main constituent of alcoholic drinks and metabolised in the liver." 

Your tummy could react different to a change in the combination and increase in alcoholic additives.

Refined carbs

If you have existing tummy issues you should check for refined carbohydrates before munching on exotic treats.

The authors say: "Refined carbohydrates are grains that have had the germ and bran removed, resulting in a concentrated food lacking in fibre, vitamins and minerals."

So be on the lookout for refined carbs on food labels, especially if you're eating something for the first time.


Coffee lovers know that beans are sourced from all over the world and that some just taste better than others, it's personal choice.

Try to stick to a java brew and bean region you're familiar with. So even when you walk into a coffee shop and order a takeaway or sit down and order a coffee after your meal you can prevent your coffee being the reason for an upset tummy.


It's easy to avoid not drinking the tap water when you're travelling. But don't forget that we do use water for many other things in the kitchen.

For example, you could instinctively take a fruit and run it under tap water before eating it, be mindful at all times and try and check to see if something has been rinsed or washed in tap water.

Food for Sensitive Tummies is available from for R283.

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