Foods to eat for a healthy summer glow. Pexels

Summer is fast approaching, and that means you’ll probably want to start working on your skin to get that golden glow everyone wants this time of the year. 

We have asked a nutritional expert Vanessa Ascencao about foods which can be eaten if you’re trying to get ready to show your flawless skin this nest season.


  • These are literally skin foods due to their antioxidant properties, that they are natural anti-inflammatories and packed with nutrients. 
  • Studies have shown that they can protect the skin from free radical damage as well as support collagen production.

Fermented foods

  • Your gut is everything. If you have poor digestion it will show on your face. 
  • Remember you are what you eat and what you absorb. Your body needs optimal nutrient intake. 
  • Kefir, sauerkraut and kimchi are all good quality probiotics and excellent choices for your body.

Vegetables are a mainstay. Pexels

Good fats

  • These are the ultimate skin foods. These are anti-inflammatory and great for glowing radiant skin and hydration, nature’s moisturiser. 
  • Omega 3 essential fats and all other plant based fats like coconut oil, raw seeds and nuts, avocado, cold pressed olive oil are essential for healthy skin and youthful aging.

Vitamin C rich foods and leafy greens

  • 80% of what you eat should be vegetables and more than half of that should be green vegetables. 
  • These help with internal cleansing and detoxification which is important for beautiful skin. Carrots, papaya, sweet potatoes, butternut and pumpkins are all rich in vitamins A & C and can help rejuvenate and give your skin a beautiful radiance.

Green tea. Picture: Pexels

Green tea

  • The antioxidants in green tea play a big role in enhancing skin health. Green tea has been found to delay aging, protect the skin from UV rays, improve skin tone, and reduce acne.  
  • Green tea has also been shown to be good for your liver which is your bodies main detox organ. 
  • Supporting your liver is essential for overall health and vitality. I recommend Origine 8, one of the most potent green tea extracts available. One daily capsule delivers the health benefits of up to 25 cups of green tea.

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