Four easy steps to grilling the perfect steak. Picture supplied
Anyone can toss a few pieces of meat over a fire, but believe me when I say that great grilling requires more than that.

To a get a few tips I spoke with the owner of Cattle Baron steakhouse in the Pearls of Umhlanga; Essery Hamilton 

He says grilling techniques are critical to creating the perfect steak and most importantly when you have a well- aged superior grade of meat like rump, sirloin, fillet and meats on bone that definitely need to be expertly cut and artistically worked with both a mallet and by hand.

Essery Hamilton has shared his tips for the perfect steak. Picture from Pexels.
These are Hamilton’s steps to grilling the perfect steak
  • Gently brush one side of the meat with a thin film of olive oil & lightly season. The other side can be done the same just before turning it on the grill.
  • Place the meat on the grill, and grill until clear vertical brown grill lines appear. Rotate on the grill, to form other lines that will criss-cross the vertical lines giving a mesh effect.
  • When ready, repeat steps one and two for the other side.
  • When the meat has been grilled to your liking (rare, medium rare or well done), remove and put onto a black skillet that has been positioned on a cool section of the grill. Gently baste both sides, and then generously season. This will enrich the flavour and add an appealing sheen. Allow to rest in its natural juices before serving.