Pic: Thomas Holder

Best known for her culinary skills on the Food Network, Chef Jenny Morris is doing her bit for Mandela Day and she needs all the help she can get.

“This is a day when everyone comes together. They forget that they are in competition with each other and that they would normally invoice for their time. It is a wonderful time of caring and sharing,” says Morris.

“Politicians like Helen Zille, musicians like Dr Darren Green, The Voice SA's Robin Peters and JP Robberts, will be singing while they chop. 

The man in the street, young and old will come together to fill the bellies of the cold and hungry, even if it is for one night only."

Foodies often forget that there are people out there who go without a plate of food or a decent meal and the Giggling Gourmet says even if you can’t help out in the kitchen you can still be a part of making a difference.

“There are wonderful organizations out there that feed and shelter the hopeless and homeless, but this takes money, so we are going to bake muffins and ask the corporate world to please buy them for their staff. 

They are priced at R20 each. The sale of one muffin will give two people a safe, warm shelter for a night. 

Please ask the organizations you work for to please order muffins from us,” she says.

To order a muffin you can email [email protected]

Jenny adds: “If you can’t join our kitchen you are welcome to drop off a few cans at Yumcious Café in the Cape Quarter Square in Green Point, where the soup will also be made.”