Lay's South Africa has officially discontinued the flavour in the country. Picture: Supplied

Social media was in a frenzy this week as Lay's South Africa announced that it had discontinued its Salt & Vinegar flavour crisps. 

The news broke after a consumer asked the company why she couldn't find her favourite flavour on supermarket shelves. 

@LailaManie tweeted the company asking if they had discontinued the Salt & Vinegar flavour because she can’t seem to find it anywhere for the last few weeks now. 

In a response, Lays South Africa said that it had discontinued the flavour and would no longer be available in the market. They suggested she try a new flavour. 

“Hi @LailaManie, unfortunately, Lay’s Salt & Vinegar Flavour has been discontinued and will no longer be available in the market. We however invite you to try our new Lay’s Sweet and Smoky American BBQ Flavour. We do hope you enjoy our other flavours from our range too,” they wrote. 

Speaking to Martin Bester on the Breakfast show on Jacaranda FM this week, Lay's Brand Manager, Wesley Chetty said they randomly do research and dig into insights to understand what are the optimal flavours that need to be in the wave range, and sometimes flavours don’t perform well as others in the range. 

“We did our research and sometimes flavours do not perform - and we had to discontinue the flavour. We have to listen to our customers and we made the decision, said Chetty.