Heston Blumenthal reveals how to pour the PERFECT gin and tonic
A classic gin and tonic is one of the most popular drinks in the world, not least because it's very easy to make one yourself.
But we have all apparently been making them wrong, world renowned chef Heston Blumenthal has revealed.
He has shared his tips for the perfect gin and tonic cocktail exclusively with FEMAIL Food&Drink - and he says it's very important that you add the fizzy soft drink last after the ice and the citrus you prefer.
Heston, who has just launched his Citrus Sherbert Lazy Gin, says it's important to have high quality ingredients when making a gin and tonic.
It doesn't matter which gin, tonic or citrus you use, but Heston's top tip is to experiment until you find a combination of all three that go perfectly together.

A wide-rimmed glass is also crucial, the owner of the Fat Duck and Dinner by Heston says.
But where most people go wrong is by adding the tonic immediately after pouring the gin.
His advice is to only add the tonic after garnishing with citrus and putting plenty of ice in the glass, as it apparently allows the flavours to mix without the need to stir the cocktail too much. 

Daily Mail