A Moscow Mule cocktail

What's going on with the #ANCCakes?

What in the world? Picture: Twitter

In the age of shows like The Great South African Bake Off and the original, the Great British Bake Off, airing in South Africa, that it baffles me how people are still making horrible cakes. 

Braai tips from hotel chefs

Cutting meat from the braai - Clay Larsen

These basic braai tips are all you'll need if you're going to braai this summer!

Are you brave enough for home-made Amarula or Hunter's Dry?

Are you brave enough for home-made Amarula or Hunter's Dry?

A few days ago I came across tweets of people sharing recipes of home-made Amarula and Hunter's Dry.  'WTF?' Was my first reaction 

Are YOU choosing the right cocktail for your Star Sign?

A Moscow Mule cocktail

When it comes to cocktails, most people have a particular favourite - whether it's fruity and fun, bitter or perhaps even a floral or woody flavour. 

The new Diet Coke is so thirsty for millennials' approval

Here's the line of makeovers for Diet Coke. Photo courtesy of Coca-Cola

President Donald Trump, who reportedly drinks 12 Diet Cokes a day, can switch up his routine. 

Coca-Cola announced Wednesday that it gave the beloved brand a makeover and plans to introduce new fruit-flavored versions of the soda.