Celebrate I International Hummus Day on Sunday. Picture: Pixabay
International Hummus Day is not just another day on the food calendar. The day is meant to unite people from around the world through the global love of hummus.
Here are a few great reasons why you should get your fix on international Hummus Day this Sunday.

Helps to lower cholesterol 
Hummus contains chickpeas and other plant-based ingredients, so it doesn’t have any cholesterol. 
According to Livestrong.com this delicious spread contains unsaturated fat and fibre, which means it won't increase your blood cholesterol levels. In fact, unsaturated fat can actually help to lower cholesterol.

Good Source of Plant-Based Protein
Chickpea seeds are high in protein, making hummus a good protein source. The delightful dip is often enjoyed with pita bread or another type of whole grain, which creates a “complete protein” together with the hummus. In turn this is converted into energy.

H elps Digestion and Intestinal Health
The fibre content found in chickpeas is great for digestive health. Hummus also makes a great snack which helps you feel fuller for longer.

Healthy salad dressing option
Hummus is a healthy alternative to mayonnaise. For a good dressing replacement, mix a dollop of hummus with a drizzling of olive oil – pour over your salad to enjoy a meal low in calories, high in vitamin.

Spread the love
Hummus provides a healthy solution for a quick snack – at work or as a mid-day snack for the kids at school. Its versatility allows you to spread it on a roll, or as a dip with pita bread or veggies (perfect for sneaking in a vegetable serving for your kids).

Rice Paper Rolls with Hummus

6 Vietnamese rice papers
1 carrot, thinly sliced
1 small red cabbage, finely shredded
2 baby beetroots, cut into matchsticks
2 small cucumbers, cut into matchsticks
1 avocado, thinly sliced
Large flat bowl full of room temperature water
2 Tbsp sesame oil (optional)
Fresh chilli (optional)

Place the rice paper into the water and let it soak for a few seconds until it curls and becomes soft.
Take it out and place onto a clean, flat surface such as a plate or chopping board. 
Add small piles of mixed, sliced raw veggies into the centre of the rice paper – about 1/2 a cup.
Fold the sides in, then fold the bottom up and lastly roll the top over to make a neat roll. Voila!

Enjoy with your favourite dip of Hummus.

Recipe by Pesto Princess, Information by Medi Deli.