Bold and modern decor at Janse & Co. Picture: Nathan Adams
Janse & Co is the purest definition of a trendy Cape Town eatery. 

The fresh, modern approach to both the decor and the menu makes the Kloof Street restaurant one of those hidden gems that will soon become a hotspot.

What used to be a franchise fish & chips restaurant a few months ago has been transformed into a sleek black and white space by Chef Arno Janse van Rensburg and his team when they opened Janse & Co in December 2017.

The front door is on Kloof Street and there’s a courtyard that is the ideal space for al fresco dining.

There are a few stand-outs though that could very easily become signature dishes even though Chef van Rensburg frowns at the thought.

“I haven’t had a signature dish for a long time,” he says. “Our menu changes very regularly, seasons are changing now so we busy changing the menu.”

The potato, kale and avocado with dustings of seaweed was my preferred starter to the courses. It set the tone for tasty things.

It’s always a good sign when a Chef can do something a bit different with chicken and Chef van Rensburg does just that.

Potato ribbons with seafood dust and house-made Charcuterie. Picture: Nathan Adams

The chicken, passion fruit, horseradish and parsnip was such a delight that my dining partner exclaimed: “I don’t believe this is chicken.” There’s a flavourful rebirth of the white meat in the hands of Chef van Rensburg.

Nothing prepared me for the flavourful desserts that were to come though. The milk chocolate, passion fruit and honeycomb tasted like a Summer dessert but wasn’t unwelcome as Autumn made its presence felt in Cape Town.