Where do you live?

Born in Evander , raised in the inner west of Durban, now reside in Umdloti beach.

How long have you been a mixologist?

Been just over a year now. Living in the hospitality industry for a number of years – including being a sommelier, restaurant manager, grill chef, catering manager and so on and now finally a full time bartender.

Best drink in the world?

I think the best drink in the world is the one that was chosen for you by your bartender for that exact time and setting. He/she will read the person/situation and act accordingly.

For example; it's a hot day, I'm thirsty and crave something refreshing. He/she will make you a drink that's tall with light flavours and maybe a bit of fizz, and one that can be made very quickly. At that time and place it would be the best drink in the world for you because it satisfied your needs at that moment.

I love irish coffee but even the best one in the world wouldn't taste like the best if I'm being served it in the wrong setting, like on the beach on a humid day for example

Ultimate mixologist dream for yourself/your career?

My Ultimate dream for my career is to travel the world, meet people, be interactive with the various cultures and open up an establishment with my wife (who is also in the industry)

Tell us about your winning cocktails at The Diageo World Class SA 2017’s Durban leg?

There were two challenges for this leg of the competition...

The first one using Tanqueray 10 was the "one in one out" challenge where sustainability was the key.

My drink, named Afterthought was inspired by using elements that we throw away at the bar;

Pineapple skins that were used for infusions were reused again in a syrup for this drink, dehydrated lime dust was the citrus element from leftover husks from juicing limes for other drinks, used ice made from treated rainwater to stir the drink and then carved the same block into shape to serve in the drink. A touch of smoked grapefruit bitters from pith and peels after juicing then garnished with a lime and pineapple sorbet using left over pineapple and lime pulp inside a lime husk. Finally served on a coaster made with weaving the pineapple leaves and then coating with an eco-friendly rubber spray.

The second challenge was a retake on the tableside serve, like when you get a flambe by your table after dinner.

The serve had to entertain, to be personal, using a single malt from the Reserve range and and a wine of our choice.

My drink, 'Peacock Dreams' included the smooth Singleton of Dufftown 12 as my Base spirit, a dry nutty wine from the Portuguese island of Madeira, fresh green apple juice, fresh lemon juice, homemade vanilla syrup and a splash of a violet liqueur.

I used a technique to chill, dilute and aerate the drink called Throwing, serving it at the table on a platform that sprung to life with a kaleidoscope of morphing colours as I lay flowers beside the drink. One of those "have to be there in person" serves.