VARIETY IS KEY: Add avo, leafy greens, tomatoes
Summer is on the way and if the gorgeous weather outside is anything to go by, we are in for a hot one this year, people.

But by this time of year we can all use a little bit of fun in the sun, and what better way than to pack a picnic basket and head out to the park or the beach?

If, like me, you are tired of remaining indoors and eating those heavy, but delicious, winter stews, soups and breads, then you know it’s time to take out your summer wardrobe and hit the outdoors.

Of course, now that we want to be out and about, we no longer want to spend so much time in the kitchen.

How to make hummus and grilled vegetable wrap

But not only is it expensive to treat a family to fast food, it’s also not very healthy, especially if you’re trying to shake off a few winter rolls.

Luckily, almost anything can be made in a microwave or air fryer these days. You can roast, cook and bake to your heart’s content, and because you use little or no oil, it’s healthy.

Fatima Sydow’s delicious spicy wraps

My new favourite thing, and because my kids love it, is Mac & Cheese in a fat teacup. It’s simple and delicious. Everyone can enjoy it and it’s served as is.

Wraps are basically a cold roti that can be filled with almost anything.

Butternut squash, parmesan and thyme fritters

I buy the packs and just heat them up a little bit before filling them with anything from Nutella and bananas, to leftover curry topped with cheese. My girls will have it even without any filling.

Easy fillings that take under half an hour to cook include beef or chicken strips, simply add a salad and sauce of your choice and voila!

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