In an Instagram post, he said Moshe’s Kitchen is delivered with utmost heart, more than makhulu (grandmother’s) seven colours. Picture: Instagram
In an Instagram post, he said Moshe’s Kitchen is delivered with utmost heart, more than makhulu (grandmother’s) seven colours. Picture: Instagram

LOOK: Television personality Moshe Ndiki launches new spice range

By Lutho Pasiya Time of article published Apr 21, 2021

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Television personality and comedian Moshe Ndiki has launched his own range of spices.

New to the food industry but no stranger to cooking up splendid dishes, is Ndiki’s spice brand. Moshe's Kitchen is set to transform everyday South African meals.

In an Instagram post, he said Moshe’s Kitchen is delivered with utmost heart, more than makhulu (grandmother’s) seven colours.

“Food to me is my love communication and I am grateful to have shared this part of myself with you.

“For me, this is an opportunity to restore the traditional notions of family, in remembrance and honour of the warm bonds created in our homes every time we sit down to share a meal. We hope to take you back to that love and inspire you to continue the tradition in your home with every meal,” Ndiki said.

The brand is a result of his five-year journey with food which was first established as a catering company after his postgraduate qualification, and hustle into entrepreneurship; has warranted him a position in the food science industry.

“It was a no-brainer to have found my calling in the food industry. I remember sitting and thinking to myself about five years ago, what can I do to honour my mother, to honour the memories we shared with my aunts, uncles, and cousins around the dinner table, the passion to serve the ones we love.

“That's when I discovered the art of spices, flexible and versatile, a wonder of creativity, the one thing that makes a dish extraordinary. And this was the birth of Moshe's Kitchen,” Ndiki said.

The new Moshe's Kitchen spices have a product range that features popular flavours South Africans use every day in their homes which are chicken, BBQ, braai-grill, steak and chops, curry spice, and five more flavours that have been mixed to perfection.

To order Moshe’s Kitchen spices you can email [email protected]

In December, celebrity chef, author, and businesswoman Nthabiseng Ramaboa, known as Chef Nti, also launched her own website and online store where she sells her own range of sauces and spices.

Ramaboa said the range started with the sauces back in 2018, during her first year at the Taste Kitchen.

“I’ve always been an entrepreneur and for me, I like to work from a point of truth. The sauces were the easiest to make because already clients were loving the products. Over and above that, it was for representation in the industry, because when you look at the food and beverage industry there aren’t a lot of products that are proudly South African that represent the black culture.

“These are different in that they are proudly South African, these are the flavours we grew up loving but never had an opportunity to buy conveniently. I can say boldly that with black families, at least two or three times a day they have pap and gravy on the menu and chakalaka, and those are the flavours you find in the products,” Chef Nti said.

You can get the products on her website.

The two join celebrity chef Zola Nene who also has her own spice range: Zola’s Feasts spice mix and Zola’s Feasts curry powder.

Zola’s Feasts flavour bomb spice is a special combination of her favourite spices, ideal for adding a tasty twist to your favourite meals, and also suitable to use as a flavourful rub or as a seasoning to spice up your favourite roasts, meat, chicken, vegetable and fish dishes.

Zola’s Feasts fragrant curry powder is a delicate mix of aromatic spices that combine to make a mild curry powder mix. The chilli pungency is mild and is suitable for a variety of curry dishes, from vegetables to chicken to lamb to chakalaka to pickled fish.

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