Malfy Gin Rosa launches just in time for summer. Supplied
Malfy Gin Rosa launches just in time for summer. Supplied

Malfy Gin Rosa launches just in time for summer

By Lutho Pasiya Time of article published Oct 30, 2018

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Just in time for the summer, premium drinks company, Truman and Orange have launched a beautiful pink Malfy Gin Rosa which combines grapefruit and rhubarb making it a perfect drink for lazy summer afternoons. 

The gin is a delightful pink colour and presented in a frosted bottle decorated with traditional Italian glass painting techniques, the liquid bears testament to the centuries of experience and heritage behind the Vergnano family and the traditional pot stills used to produce it.  

Truman and Orange founding owner, Rowan Leibbrandt says the Malfy Gin Rosa expertly combines classic Southern Italian citrus, pompelmo Rosa (pink grapefruit) with Rabarbaro (rhubab), which is grown widely and used in many classic Italian drinks such as Aperol.

“Juniper, grapefruit skins and rhubarb are infused in Italian grain spirit for 36 hours which results in Malfy Gin Rosa’s beautiful blush pink colour. This infusion is then blended with a second distillate of juniper, coriander, lemon peel, orange peel, Angelica root and Orris root for hours before finally being blended with pure, natural spring water from the Rocce azzurre spring in the heart of the MonViso Mountain in the Cottian Alps,” says Leibbrandt.

Asked what makes it the perfect drink for the summer season, he says the gin expertly balances the bittersweet grapefruit and rhubarb flavours, with subtle juniper to offer a mouth-wateringly complex finish. That the Southern Italian citrus aromas and hints of juniper, coupled with the pink blush colour of the liquid make Malfy Gin Rosa perfect for a wide variety of Summer cocktails.

Malfy Gins just got even better with Rosa and Arancia!!! #malfygin #gin #cocktails @MalfyGin

— Dave White (@JacketOptional) October 25, 2018


It was my first time with Malfy Gin Rosa tasting a pink gin and I definitely loved it. 

This gin is wonderfully refreshing and slightly fruity flavoured. It is really quite strong to taste straight just like many other spirits of course so I would recommend adding a mixer into it. 

It can be any mixer of your choice, from tonic, lemonade etc. as long as you will get the perfect balance that you would like. 

That is what I like about gin, you can make your own perfect serve yourself. I also suggest you enjoy this one with ice, it’s more enjoyable that way. 

I had mine with dry lemon and ice and it was a delicious combination.

It was a bit sweeter on the palate but that's just the way I like it.

The Malfy Gin Rosa is available at all good bottle stores nationwide for approximately R419 per bottle.

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