Meghan Markle helps out at the launch of the Together: Our Community Cookbook in London. Picture by Jenny Zarins for Reuters.

The upside of pregnancy is that for nine months, you must watch what you eat and be healthier and for the royals it's no different. 

The downside of pregnancy is that the mom (and loving dad) has to make adjustments to their diets, for Meghan Markle it’s no different.

The Duchess of Sussex (37) is a self proclaimed foodie and has a great appetite for good food and drink.

According to US Weekly, Meghan has always loved to indulge when eating out or cooking at home.

She is going to have to make some sacrifices until next year though and her bundle of joy arrives and that means she won’t be able to nibble or sip on these favourites.

Sushi is a firm favourite of Meghan's. Pexels


Meghan’s favourite sushi hangouts are reportedly in California and New York and she once described sushi as a key component in a perfect meal plan. 

She’s probably already found her favourite sushi now that she’s moved across the pond, but it’s the first food sacrifice she’ll have to make.

Soft Cheeses

Stay away from the soft cheeses when you're pregnant. Pexels

Who doesn’t love a soft brie or camembert? Meghan certainly does, but now she’s going to have to stay away from the potentially harmful bacteria. 

The Canadian actress had a fondness for poutine, according to US Weekly. It’s a meal consisting of fries, gravy and cheese curds.

Unpasteurised Juice

Only pasteurised juices from now on for Meghan Markle. Pexels

The Duchess will have to press pause on the juice revolution. 

She once told that “green juice is a food-as-medicine philosophy for me.” 

Meghan also confirmed that there was days she’d choose over a cup of coffee. Now she will have to stick t pasteurised juice, or maybe a cup of tea like the rest of the royal family