My Kitchen Rules SA judges, chef J'Something and chef David Higgs. Picture: Supplied

My Kitchen Rules South Africa goes water-wise and environment-friendly tonight.

Tonight on My Kitchen Rules South Africa, five of the six cooking pairs are thrown an eco- curveball- a conscience-cooking challenge, where they have to whip up a vegetarian dish in the space of 30 minutes with only four litres of water.  

Donald and Luyanda, the winners of last week’s People’s Choice Challenge, will be enjoying their immunity while the others are being judged on their dishes as well as their impact on the environment. Thereafter, the two losing teams will face each other in a sudden-death cook-off.  

M-Net’s Head of Publicity, Lani Lombard says Flavour is always king at the MKRSA Headquarters, but cooking green is important too. 

“Some of the teams fare exceptionally well in managing their limited resources and we trust that our viewers will pick up some tips on how to save water and limit wastage in their own kitchens" she said.

These are the contestants who are still in the running

  • Spicy couple Kim and Pashi from Durban- They were on top of the leader board for Table 1 during the Instant Restaurant phase. They also led the Red team to victory in the first People’s Choice challenge, but then found themselves near the bottom for the first time last week after putting a gourmet twist on traditional mopane worms.
  • Maj and Joleen- They were the best performers during the Table 2 Instant Restaurant phase. The Parkview moms were in hot water after costing the white team the first Peoples Choice challenge, but managed to claw their way back to safety in the HQ challenges. 
  • Married couple  Maritsa and Maradine from Bloemfontein- They have had a steady and strong journey from the Instant Restaurant phase leading into MKR HQ. The ladies work really well with meat and can turn any meat dish into gold.
  • Donald and Luyanda, "the food buddies"- They didn’t really spark in the Instant Restaurant phase and found themselves at the bottom at HQ, after losing the People’s Choice challenge led by Maj and Joleen. They have bounced back and even won the second People’s Choice challenge. 
  • Rox and Spoen from Winterton in KZN- The cooking sisters have been flying under the radar with an average Instant Restaurant but managed to create ravishing dishes during every challenge at HQ. They came up with charred corn and grilled vegetables at the first People’s Choice Challenge, and a commendable tripe-and-samp the following week.
  • The loveable mom and dad of the group, Jalal and Adrie- They have had more misses than hits and may be regarded a little bit lucky to remain in contention after serving undercooked ostrich in the Seven Destinations challenge.

To see which two teams will face each other in a sudden death cook-off and who will say goodbye tune in tonight.

My Kitchen Rules SA is broadcasted on M-Net channel 101 at 6 pm.