Winterton country girls Rox and Spoen are the season 2 winners of My Kitchen Rules South Africa. Supplied

Over three grueling months and facing a rigid competition from nine other teams - sisters, Rox and Spoen were named the season two winners of My Kitchen Rules South Africa on Sunday.  

I started this season rooting for Donald and Luyanda — seriously rooting for them, but they got tripped up in the semi-finals after the judges were not at all impressed with the dishes they presented on that night. 

But everyone should admit, they did a very good job in the competition.

After the food buddies were eliminated, my money was on Rox and Spoen to win the competition and they did it!

At first Rox and Spoen seemed to be victims of elimination at an early stage hence my bet was not on them but later came out victorious. What I loved about the couple was their dedication to the craft; they have been an amazing force in the competition, proving their love, knowledge and passion for food which they carried with them until the end.  

The two-some have become well known for their farm-to-table style cooking. 

They wowed the judges week after week with their simple yet flavourful vegetable dishes, like their charred corn and grilled vegetables at the first People’s Choice challenge, their first attempt at cooking tripe with samp and beans.

Congratulations to the Winterton country girls!