Rohini Saran, a nutritionist, debunks some myths around prunes:

* Myth: It's good for older men and women.

* Fact: Prunes are packed with various vitamins and minerals like Vitamins A (beta carotene), K, potassium and dietary fibre with added benefits of antioxidants. They can be consumed by both children and adults of all ages. Research suggests that eating a daily recommended dose of 100 gm or 10-12 prunes may be useful in digestive, bone and dental health in adult men and women. They can be eaten as a simple dried fruit snack or used in a variety of recipes, including salads, entrees, jams and desserts.

* Myth: Prunes can only be eaten in winter.

* Fact: Prunes can be eaten all through the year. In fact, they should be consumed daily in moderation to keep the gut happy. Prunes by brands like Del Monte act as a great snack that helps you curb your desire to binge eat.

* Myth: Prunes are not good for people with diabetes.

* Fact: Unprocessed, unsweetened prunes have a relatively low glycemic index and high dietary fiber content. Even though prunes are a good source of energy, they do not cause a rapid rise in blood sugar levels. However, for diabetics moderation is the key and excessive consumption should be avoided.

* Myth: Dried plums (prunes) cause diarrhoea.

* Fact: Prunes are known for their natural laxative benefits and help to maintain regular bowel movements. They are a natural remedy for constipation. Prunes consumed in moderation can be included in your diet in the long term.