Where to get a slice of milk tart today. Picture supplied by Moirs

One of SA's best-loved bakes is being celebrated today it's #NationalMilkTartDay.

If the date slipped off your calendar, that's ok you can still rush home and make a milk tart for the whole family to enjoy.

But if that's not an option then you best get to your nearest bakery and get your hands on a milk tart.

Sadly, not every milk tart is going to give you that homemade taste we all know and love. Some do it better than others and everyone has a preference — should your milk tart be served cold, room temperature or warm? That's a question of personal taste, but as long as you get a flaky pastry, that wobbly milk goodness and the taste of cinnamon and dairy — then it's a milk tart.

Enjoy your milk tart today with a hot beverage (maybe rooibos tea) and savour the taste of a true South African classic.

Suggestions for where to buy your milk tart #NationalMilkTartDay