The dark-chocolate brownie. Pic supplied
You should never let the icy weather stand between you and a ice cream or frozen yoghurt craving.

Consider it a winter sweet treat that not many people will be clamoring for so at least you won't have to wade through the crowds to get to the front of the ice cream counter.

Winter is also the time of year that many ice cream parlours and retailers unveil new flavours and variants. The soft launch of soft serve happens months before summer, so that by the time the sunshine arrives the new flavours are almost a staple on the shelves.

The team at Marcels have done just this and released three new frozen yoghurt treats:
  • The chocolate-chip cookie sandwich
  • The dark-chocolate brownie 
  • The Belgian Waffle
The Belgian Waffle. Pic supplied
The treats are Halaal certified as well as gluten-free. Fro-Yo is more than just a creamy/tasty alternative to ice cream. Most frozen yoghurts are f ree from preservatives, any artificial flavourants, colourants, gelatin, azo-dyes and tartrazine. 

The team at Marcel's have more healthy facts to share about their frozen yoghurt: 
  • Marcel's frozen yoghurt contains beneficial nutrients and bacteria, lower levels of lactose and live probiotic cultures
  • Most of the frozen yoghurt flavour options are low fat (less than 3g of fat per 100g of frozen yoghurt) before the addition of toppings
  • A small tub of plain frozen yoghurt contains only 2.7g of fat
  • A small tub of chocolate frozen yoghurt is overall the “healthiest choice” with 545 kJ, 5.7g protein, 4.3g fat and 17.0g sugar
  • The Belgian Waffle is sugar-free and safe for diabetics, if not eaten with any topping, including the frozen yoghurt
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